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The ‘Supplier Relationship Management’ solution (SAP Supplier Relationship Management, SAP SRM):

The ‘Supplier Relationship Management’ solution (SAP SRM) is oriented on the optimization of business processes and the saving of cumulative costs related to material and technical supply and procurement of services by the companies of all sizes. Combining the extensive capabilities for analysis, evaluation and ranking of suppliers, consolidation of requirements for procurement of goods and services, building a strategy and forecasts of effective communication with suppliers via traditional and electronic channels, SAP SRM solution helps to identify the best partners meeting the requirements of the company’s business.

Strategic procurement and sourcing

  • Procurement Strategy Development is a solution that helps to develop robust strategies comprising new features and tools for demand aggregation, analysis of a series of products, product category management and control of procurement.
  • Costs Analysis is a generation of a transparent overview of costs and delivery data provided by mapping functions and harmonization of information about products and suppliers, as well as opportunities for the distribution of this information in all internal systems, electronic catalogues and data stores.
  • Sourcing is a solution that helps to minimize the risks associated with purchasing, allows to improve the suppliers monitoring system and evaluate their effectiveness by means of organizing an electronic auction and holding the competitive tender enabling to pre-select the suppliers.
  • Contract Management is a solution enabling to monitor the compliance with the prescribed terms and conditions, and ensuring the shared use of existing contracts for specific categories of products within the enterprise.
  • Catalogue Management is a solution that provides functions for creating and managing a unified directory for e-commerce with means allowing importing data from external sources, recording sequential schemes and item index numbers to speed up the search of required items.
Operational Sourcing
  • Employees Self-service is a solution providing employees with the opportunity to carry out the purchase of materials using tools, working through the Web-based interface, while ensuring compliance with corporate procurement policies.
  • Supply Regulated by Planning – due to integration of procurement and different logistics management systems, a solution helps to streamline and automate the operations on procurement of materials used in the core business processes.
  • Supply of Services is a solution aimed at administrative cost saving and reduction of processing costs associated with the acquisition of various services including consulting services and contract works.

Cooperation with suppliers
  • Registration of Suppliers is a solution granting buyers the access to the corporate information processed by suppliers and enabling to make promptly the best decisions as to the selection of the source of supply.
  • Joint Order Processing is a solution allowing to optimize the procurement process via granting suppliers the access to internal order management systems.
  • Joint Development is a solution ensuring the reduction in the product development cycle by providing various employees of partner companies with the possibility of shared use of the relevant information about products and projects.
  • Joint Replenishment is a solution aimed at optimizing the performance of a logistics network by granting suppliers the access to data on the stocks of a customer, what allows to maintain the desired level in a process of replenishment based on the processing of special situations.
  • Interaction with Suppliers is a solution for communication with the suppliers of all sizes via document workflow system based on XML technology.

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