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Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) - this solution is designed to automate all areas of business activities of an enterprise:

  • Business accounting/Tax accounting/IFRS-compliant accounting
  • Controlling
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Materials Management
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Plant maintenance
  • Production Management
  • Human Resource Management
This solution comprises integration with all existing SAP solutions.
The company executives should be well-informed at any time about the resources available, how efficiently these resources are used, and how much profit they bring. To ensure successful performance of the company, the most updated, accurate and complete information should be available, the analysis of which will enable you to respond promptly to market changes. The ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ solution (SAP ERP) provides such information on a real-time basis. It helps to exercise operational control over all activities of the enterprise and forms a reliable basis for optimal short-term and long-term decision-making at all levels of management.

The ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ solution combines the world's best complex, scalable and efficient software for business management as a flexible platform based on open technologies. This platform enables the integration of SAP solutions with the systems of other manufacturers and make the most of the opportunities of such integration. The company executives are provided with precise information about the financial status of the company for strategic planning, financial and economic forecasting. The huge information potential of the solution allows the managers to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the company from different perspectives with not only monitoring the results, but also controlling factors affecting business performance. Currently, the ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ solution is the most complete and integrated ERP solution that enables companies to achieve a new level of quality control in their administrative, financial and operational performance, improve efficiency, forecastability and business profitability.

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